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Practice for Plastic Surgery Cheshire


Practice for Plastic Surgery Cheshire| Douglas McGeorge

A New Concept in Scar Management

By Douglas McGeorge Plastic surgery is, perhaps, the ultimate expression of art and science, which, in the hands of technically gifted individuals, can produce results that have a profoundly positive impact on the appearance and psyche of individuals. It is a specialty where much of the surgery is by choice, rather than need, but it is a specialty at the cutting edge of science, where surgeons are striving to improve techniques and… Read more

Practice for Plastic Surgery Cheshire| Douglas McGeorge

Recession Paper

The last eight years have been illuminating for all those involved in aesthetic practice, with the dramatic changes we have seen in the economy. Unusually in medicine, it is an area where the patient has a major say in treatment. As surgeons, we concentrate on trying to prepare patients, with proper consultation, where, after careful consideration of their wishes and needs, backed up by careful examination, we offer advice and explain… Read more

Practice for Plastic Surgery Cheshire| Douglas McGeorge

Plastic Surgeon of the Year

I am delighted to have been voted as Plastic Surgeon of the Year for a third time. I work in a speciality where we all try and achieve excellence and it is rewarding when those efforts are recognized. Plastic surgery has come a long way during my career time. Understanding of anatomy and the blood supply of tissues has allowed us to revolutionise reconstruction following trauma and disease. That same knowledge has enhanced aesthetic… Read more